Children of Winter (sounds kind of like a horror film)

the show

the show

Dan and I got to take in the scenes from this year’s Warren Miller ski film.  Habitat took us all out for a dinner on Pearl street and this annual Colorado tradition.  I was so looking forward to tonight as part of our opening ski week and I was pleasantly surprised to see Mr. Chris Anthony himself as the host for our evening of entertainment.  We even had front row seats.  Sweet!

chr-chr-chris anthony!

chr-chr-chris anthony!

Dan and I thought the show was better than it has been in a few years.  I think our favorite will always be Storm or Cold Fusion.  This year’s film didn’t include as many Warren Miller traditions including my personal favorite quote- “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.”  I think that stinkin quote was a deciding factor for me in Dan and I’s move to Colorado.  Also, this year didn’t feature Glen Plake.  Dan and I did get to meet him last weekend at the Ski and Snowboard Expo.  I know he’s just a guy but to be such a ski legend is worthy of a handshake so that’s what I did!  Aunt LIsa, this picture is for you!
Glen Plake and me

Glen Plake and me

Ok, I seriously need to get in bed.  It’s been quite the week and I have to work at school and then Starbucks tomorrow, phew.  Good thing I get to sleep in on Saturday.  Here’s wishing you the best TGIF and a Saturday morning full of sleep. 

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