In a nut shell…

the time has come

the time has come

Lots of rest, movies, food, and fun this weekend. 

Dan and I enjoyed the kickoff to ski season at the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Expo.  We also found ourselves in front of the TV for some Get Smart and Kung Foo Panda.  Two thumbs up on the Get Smart and maybe one thumb for Kung Foo. 

We also did some much needed grocery and Kohl’s shopping.  I made some great stir fry and Dan just doubled his wardrobe!  With the promise! of snow in the forecast for this week, I made the switch from my summertime lavender lotion to my warm and spicy Vanilla Chai.  Mmmm, makes me feel all cozy when I put it on each morning. 

In addition, I picked up a new holiday CD.  It has a couple of good ones including some not so good ones.  The Jason Mraz and Death Cab for Cutie ones will definitely be finding a spot on my annual Christmix CD.  Besides my cousins and Kerry, does anyone else want a copy?  I’d love to send one your way in a few weeks, just in time to put the holidays in full swing!   Leave me a comment and I will take care of the rest. 

 And speaking of holidays, did I mention that Dan and I booked our plane tickets to sunny San Diego for Thanksgiving?  Oh, yes we did and I can’t believe it’s true! 

The shriek of my alarm will also be going off much, much, much too soon so I better get to bed.  Happy Monday to you!  Hope your weekend was lovely.


One response

  1. katie s.

    I’ll take a CD! 🙂 Who can pass up some fun Christmas music?

    November 10, 2008 at 3:31 p

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