tag, I’m IT.

Over the weekend, Katie, my dear friend and roomate from college tagged me on her blog. You should go to her family blog to see pictures of their new baby girl Sophia – so darling!  

Here are the rules for this tag:  *Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog. *Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. *Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog…
So here we go! 

is your name chiquita?

is your name chiquita?

1.  I have a love for collecting things.  In college, I started a collection of fruit stickers.  I had a super cool GI Joe metal lunch box (metal/tin boxes are another love of mine) and I always put my stickers on it.  To this day, I still can’t throw the stickers away – even if I just stick them to a paper towel.  I also have a bottle cap collection.  I just cannot let myself throw them away! 

2.  I look forward to emptying the lent trap on the dryer.  I like to go about 3 loads before I empty it because it is so gratifying.  I have to resist doing it between every load – it’s just not as good then. 

granola girl

granola girl

3.  I never leave the house without at least one granola bar in my purse.  Since becoming a Type 1 diabetic in 2001, I have to watch out for low blood sugars.  For about 5 years, I always, always carried the Nature’s Valley Chewy Trail Mix kind with me.  However, since Dan’s scare with cancer, we have switched to only USDA organic foods and I had to find a new alternative.  Peanut Butter Clif bars are great but recently I found these dandies at Coscto and I’m hooked. 

4.  My nickname is Jackie.  Sometimes when I’m being a little more assertive or some might even say bossy…Dan refers to me as Jackie.  For instance while riding in the car last night I said, “Turn the heat off, I’m dying in here!” Dan’s response:  “Damn, Jackie!”  To which I always reply with a shrill “MICHAEL!”  Those of you who have ever seen That 70’s Show will know what I’m talking about. 



5. Ever since i was little, when I fly, I always touch the outside of the plane before I get on.    It might be superstition at this point but I think it’s really more just the thought of touching it and knowing that it was miles above the ground shortly before and soon to be after I touch it.  So cool. 

6.  I am an only child and so is my husband Dan.  Some of you probably already know this about me but sometimes it makes me sad to think that our someday children will never have any aunts or uncles and ,therefore, no cousins.  I also won’t ever have any nieces or nephews.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews are really cool so we will have to adopt! 

3rd St. Charm

3rd St. Charm

7.  Someday Dan and I want to build a house just like the craftsman/bungalow pictured above.  I used to drive past that house every day when I lived near downtown Lee’s Summit in Missouri.  I always loved it so much and wondered what it looked like inside.  When Dan and I were in LS this past summer we introduced ourselves to the owner and she invited us in!  Dan measured and I took pictures and then Dan put all the info together and we designed a new floor plan and put it into drawings and computer layouts so someday (ah hem, NOT next summer) we will build this exact house.  What a dream house it will be! 

Thanks Katie – that was fuN!  Ok, time for me to tag now and if I don’t include you here but you want to play along too, consider yourself TAGGED! 

1,  Andi B. 

2.  Lisa S. 

3.  Danielle B. 

4.   Curly Jo, Stephanie

5.   Kelly J. 


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