Well, today turned out to be quite the productive day.  The rain (a few drops may have been snow) allowed me to stay inside and tackle those to-dos.  Kitchen, done – including that looming stack of mail that has been haunting me for days weeks.  Living room, done.  Office, done.  Bedroom, done.  Laundry, done.  My office, well…there is only so much time in a day.  Dinner is prepared but just has to be cooked.  I even vacuumed our couch and chair!  Aren’t you impressed?  Tea was had and I even enjoyed a chocolate ice cream bar.  What a lovely day. 

Now I will share with you some photo tidbits from this terribly, terribly exciting day.  I know, this is too good to be true, right? 

I HEART fingerling potatoes!  Grown in good old LaSalle where I used to teach, weird.

I HEART fingerling potatoes!

Potatoes are for lovers.

 A treat for cleaning the kitchen. 

guilty pleasure

guilty pleasure

A picture of my favorite little dog, Copper, because Ma-Ma thinks she isn’t getting enough ‘face-time’ compared to Quattro.  (Currently, she is cuddled up on my lap.  She’s my girl!)

the Heat Dish is where its at!

the Heat Dish is where its at!

Dan just walked in from his 13 hour day at the site so I’m off.  Next on today’s agenda-dinner.  And my overall treat for a hard day’s work is to watch Dan in Real Life.  It is such a nice movie. 

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! 

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