Making Heads or Tails

so bittersweet

Last night Dan and I decided to go out to eat.  We had two places in mind but we were so tired we couldn’t decide so in the car we flipped a coin to choose our final destination.  “Heads” told us where to go so we went.  When we got to heads we looked at the menu and Dan and I both agreed we wished we were at “tails” so we took our name off the list and headed for tails.  Tails didn’t end up being that great either because, at 6AM this morning, Dan’s meal came back to visit and not through the tail end.  😦

He still went to work at the site today and managed pretty well until  we got home after church.  He is in bed asleep with a fever right now.  Poor guy. 

Meanwhile, I explored Boulder and Lafayette and hit up the farmer’s market and flea markets.  I had a pretty good day despite the first signs of a cold coming on.  I suppose that’s what we both get for working ourselves to death this past week.  I’m so glad we don’t have to be anywhere or do anything tomorrow so we can take it easy around here.  How perfect!

bittersweet symphony

 Whenever I hear the word “bittersweet”, it always reminds me of that old, old song Whitney Houston sang called How Will I Know?

           …How will I know if he really loves me
           I say a prayer with every heart beat…

           … Falling in love is all bitter sweet
           This love is strong why do I feel weak…

try to phone but I'm too shy (can't speak)

The end.


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