Oh, To Be Double-Walled

This is not a paper cup

This is not a paper cup

Apparently, I “love things that have an element of surprise” just like the Curiousity Shoppe.  Since it is October now, this double-walled porcelain cup might come in handy more than my beloved iced Starbucks cup.  Aren’t double-walled cups so cool?  I think I would like one of these for Christmas and if you would like one too, you can get it here

And speaking of hot drinks, have you checked out the new Signature Hot Chocolates at Starbucks?  I am not a regular hot chocolate drinker but I will have to say the Sea Salt they put on top of the whipped cream is like the perfect marriage to that sweet cocoa.  Who knew?  It’s that same kind of weird greatness you get when you put salt on watermelon or cantaloupe or when you eat salt and vinegar chips.  So good! 

I have been working at the school and it has been one of those weeks where you are just sure that entire week has been crammed into only Monday and Tuesday.  We all survived (and I do mean SURVIVED) today with the kids.  It was long and hard and I am NOT double-walled so I don’t have the energy to describe it right now eventhough I was able to catch a nap this evening.  I better get ready for tomorrow because I am done with today.  Maybe my tomorrow morning deserves a Salted Hot Chocolate, yum!


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