Pass the Olives and the Evahs



Can you see that?  Britt Daniel, the lead singer for the band Spoon, has black olives on his fingers!  My, oh, my!  Not only do I love, love black olives (thanks Aunt Lisa!) but I also have a deep affection for Spoon’s song “Don’t You Evah”.  It is so chill and catchy at the same time.  Plus, the fact that the song says Evah totally cracks me up and reminds me of my cousin Brock and a time when he was fighting with his sister Micaela.  According to him, she had wronged him and, in his 11 year-old way, he screamed something to effect that he was never going to forgive her, NEVAH, EVAH!  Such a funny memory.  So here’s to black olives, Spoon, and sweet forgiveness for-evah! 


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