Give Chicken a Chance

yes, I am this fast

yes, I am this fast

Today was a severely hands-on kind of day working at the day treatment school.  I had a funny conversation with one of the kiddos during our gym time.

Jasmine:  Ms. Jennifer, let’s make a pie. 
Me:  Ok, what kind of pie should we make? 
Jasmine:  Chocolate pie
Me:  Ok, what should we put in it?
Jasmine:  Sugar
Me:  What else?
Jasmine:  milk
Me:  What else?  How about flour?
Jasmine:  Yea, and chicken 
Me:  Chicken?  Really?
Jasmine:  Yea, and mash-a-ta-toes
Me:  Chicken AND mashed potatoes? 
Jasmine:  um, carrots
Me:  carrots??? 
Jasmine:  and chocolate


Now, doesn’t that sound yummy? 

I was worn out by the end but Dan and I managed to get out and give our new rackets a whirl.  Let’s just say we did a lot of retrieval and a little bit of volley.  We’ll keep trying though.


3 responses

  1. Mom

    How about some Di–Jon Ketchup?

    September 13, 2008 at 9:25 p

  2. Jen

    Mmmmmm, Mmmm-Hmmm. Or, how about some prewrapped sausages??

    September 13, 2008 at 10:59 p

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