*Friends = peers and/or staff members


with hints of blackberry

with hints of blackberry

perfect oatmeal

perfect oatmeal








Today was a little bit better than yesterday although I am completely and totally spent after filling in at the day treatment school from 6:20AM to 2:30 and then working at Starbucks from 4:30pm-9pm.  I am, once again, done with this day. 

Working in my old classroom as a TA for the Severe Significant Needs students was enjoyable.  They are a rough crowd but they are also good for the soul in other ways.  I will have to say that I picked up some life lessons throughout the day that I might have otherwise forgotten. 

Such as:

-It is not ok to hit your friends*

-It is not ok to kick your friends*

-It is not ok to spit in the face of your friends* (or staff!!!!)

-It is not ok to scream at the top of your lungs or yell profanities at your friends*

-It is not ok to flip the lights on and off repeatedly

-It is not ok to color on your friends* paper

-It is not ok to throw a box of beans across the room

-It is not ok to throw said box of beans again after your friends* just spent the last 15 minutes cleaning up your mess

-It is not ok to slap your friends* in the face

-It is not ok to put soap in your hair (or your friends*)

-It is not ok to dog pile or jump on the back of your friends*

-It is not ok to repeatedly give your friends* a noogie

-And the most important life lesson of the day:  If you’re a guy, it is not ok to go No. 2 where you are only supposed to go No. 1 (if you know what I mean…)

Hmmm, good to know. 

In other news, I got to do the set-up at Starbucks tonight which means that if you go to my store, you’ll see my artwork up on the boards.  It was fun and somewhat exhausting.  We have some exciting things like er, uh, um…Oatmeal coming out tomorrow?  And I know a lot of folks will be excited about Pumpkin Lattes joining the menu again.  However, as much as I like pumpkin stuff (which is a whole lot!) I just don’t really care for those lattes.  Now, if we’re talking about pumpkin bagels and pumpkin cream cheese from Einstein Bro. then SIGN ME UP!  Ready or not, here comes fall. 

aspens holding on to summer

aspens holding on to summer

It won’t be long before those will look like these
looks like gold to me

looks like gold to me

And, speaking of Einsteins, I have to meet Lisa and Andi early in the morning at Einsteins for a full day of safari mural painting tomorrow.  I’m off to catch some ZZZZ’s.   Have a happy Wednesday everyone!


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