Re-creating Spaces



I loved my previous design template for this blog but it didn’t have a custom header so it had to go.  At the top, you will notice a new photo in honor of the dwindling days of summer.  I caught this shot of sprinklers in the middle of a median (is that redundant?) near our house and I spruced it up using picnik.  I just want to hang on to summer a little longer because I feel like I have been so busy working it away here, here, and here.  Phew.  Good thing I have another day to enjoy this Labor Day weekend. 
Meanwhile, Dan is busy slaving away at our future deck. 


future deck

future deck

It doesn’t look like much yet but rest assured that by next weekend we will have the best looking deck on the block.  I am contributing a lot of tape holding and tool retrieving but I figure since I got to design it, I should be able to “supervise” a lot, right?  I’ll keep you posted on our progress. 


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