“B” is for bluebird

I'm such a bluebird

I'm such a bluebird

 In college, my friend Erin and I were in this awful fibers class with a professor that always came down really hard on us (not everyone, just us).  She always liked to refer to us as “The Bluebird group”…you know, as in, when you were in second grade and you had the top reading group and they were called “The Eagles”.  Yea, um…we were the bluebirds and I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t cause we were fast.  In any case, ever since then I have always been fond of bluebirds.  I picked up these sweet pillows made by Dandylines (wish she had a website to show you) when Dan and I were home earlier this summer.  I had no reason to need them except that I just loved to look at them and smile.  They have found a home on the dresser across from my desk and they remind me that I’ve come a long way since my bluebird days I’m happy being a bluebird.


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