Dynamism of a Monday

Today I spent the day in the studio with Lisa and we started/finished up this piece. 

pretty, pretty princess!

pretty, pretty princess!

I think it looks like the blue nail polish I used to wear when I was a freshman in high school but apparently our crazy yoga client will just love it becuase it matches her yoga frog.  Who knew…

On the home front, Dan is starting to itch for ski season.  He’s planning out future trips and also bonding with his ski boots. 

see what I have to put up with

see what I have to put up with

He’s frowning because I’m making fun of him! (notice the cooler in the foreground–it’s still August for crying out loud!)

We also took a long walk tonight to the Booze Barn (actual name).  When we take the dogs for walks, Copper always reminds me of this artwork by Giacomo Balla

Copper looks just like this

Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash

And here is a quick look at Quattro’s walking style…

I'm a puppy

I'm a puppy

   The End. 

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