Totally Pure and AMAZING

Totally Pure

you can thank me later

Have I mentioned how much I love this deodorant?  It’s true, this Totally Pure Deodorant by Origins is hands down, no doubt about it, simply the best deodorant out there.  You can try to find something better-go ahead, I dare ya.  But in the end, after trial and error (and I mean stink!) you will thank me for letting you know right now that this deodorant officially rocks.  I have tried since high school to find something that works and smells this good.  It smells like spices and when you think you might start to get a little stink going on, alas, you can be sure that your odor will only be of natural clove oil, ylang ylang, ginger, and I could go on but you just need to check it out for yourself at the orgins website.  It’s a little pricey but well worth the peace of mind knowing that it’s a natural alternative to the conventional (cancer causing) deodorants.  Enjoy!


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