Pacing Myself

Well, I got sucked into the Olympics again tonight.  As I watched the finals for the Women’s 400m dash, I couldn’t help but think back to my all-state track days.  I can’t even imagine how many hours went into making turns on that track or the kind of drive and discipline that would go into making that kind of dream a reality-it hurts my brain.  

For me, I tend to get caught up in each day’s tasks so working toward the same goal for 4 years straight is an impossible thought for me.  Last summer I spent an afternoon with Cara, a gal from my college days at Truman.  She and I were both working on some art projects and one of hers was a commissioned painting for the word “perseverance”.   She painted a phrase which has stayed with me this whole year…”a little bit a lot of the time.”  If there ever was a true “story of my life” it is that I have trouble with the big picture.  If you give me a small task with clear goals, I can run with it and win that 400m dash.  But the truth of the matter is that most of the time, I don’t have clear, small, goals placed in front of me so instead I tend to, well, um, let’s just say, I tend to stutter a little and sometimes I even just stop altogether.  

Take laundry, for instance…I used to think that having a big basket for my dirty clothes was a good idea because then I could just do laundry every two weeks or so.  But, that didn’t work because I would just put it off until I literally ran out of underwear and then I would have a huge task before me of about 4-6 loads of laundry.  Then, I had to face the never ending routine of switching them over and then getting them folded and put away before they ended up in a pile on the floor next to the now dirty clothes.  I know I’m not the only one who has this problem. 

So, my problem was the big, daunting task of clothes and my solution was to get a new laundry basket!  I now have this great, small, GREEN!, basket.  This morning before I left, I saw that it was full and I promised myself to do a little bit a lot of the time when I got home today.  So, I did.  I did two small loads and I am proud to say that the first one is already put away and the second one hasn’t even finished drying yet.  Who knew that I could win in the laundry race! 

Behold, the power of GREEN!

Behold, the power of GREEN!

But seriously too, this past year I have learned so much more about who I already am.  I am passionate, loyal, and creative.  I am not a great front-runner but an excellent team mate.  I love using my gifts and am challenged by people who are genuine.  I am the hardest worker you’ll ever find but sometimes I get tired.  I tend to be a bit cautious but in the end I am always sure of my decisions.  These are good things to remember when I am having trouble getting started on big things.  A little bit a lot of the time.  See, that’s not so bad.


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