It’s All Greek to Me.

my recent find

my recent find

I actually almost walked away from this little gem of a globe lamp at the flea market yesterday.  I was afraid it might someday contribute to my recent basement project but I couldn’t resist.  Has anyone else ever wanted one of these?  I have always said that if I ever found a lighted globe one like this I would buy it based on my love for the sappy romantic comedy from the 90’s “While You Were Sleeping”.  Do you remember it with Sandra Bullock?  In the opening scenes her dad tells her stories of her mom and how she gave him the world and they showed a lamp like this.  Anyways, I have to say that this silly light up globe makes me smile! 

Something else that makes me smile and even laugh out loud at myself is our new pup Quattro.  For the first month after we got him, I was convinced that even though they said he was a “black lab mix” puppy at the shelter I was just sure he was a Great Dane puppy.  Do you follow me here?  I said, a GREAT DANE puppy.  Do you know what happens to Great Dane puppies?  They grow up to be small horses!  I’ve calmed down a bit about that whole deal and since then his ears have gone through a few stages.  They used to lay down and then for a few weeks they stuck straight out and now, well, now over the last week he has resorted to this look. 

Quattro, the Half-Lab

Quattro, the Half-Lab

Notice only his left ear looks like a lab.  We call it the half-lab look so I can’t help walking around the house repeating, “half-lab…half-lab…half-lab…” and then I burst out with a “…HALF-LAB!” that sounds all excited and distraughtlike much like the Aflac duck.  Say it out loud, “HALF-LAB” it sounds like Aflac doesn’t it?  You know you just said it out loud and you agree with me.

Ok, I’m off to bed after my long, hard day with the Greek Key.  phew.

Andi with the greek key

Andi with the greek key


One response

  1. Aunt Robin

    So glad to hear that you had a fun birthday weekend! I’m so jealous – wish I could have gone to the peach festival, too!

    August 18, 2008 at 7:58 p

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