Music and Gas

So has anyone else heard about this noisetrade thing?  I got an email from the Derek Webb mailing I subscribed to and it included some info about this new Noise Trade website.  I know things aren’t always free and giving up your contact information is actually sometimes very costly but I’ve got to be honest, I love getting to know new artists out there and this site is actually super cool because you can listen to a lot of songs.  I haven’t gotten to check out all the new artists yet but some of my favorite folksie ones from my college days like Waterdeep and Sixpence are at the top of the list.  Matthew Perryman Jones has a cool beat!  Go there and check it out and lemme know what you think.

I spent a total of 2 hours and 25 minutes driving to and from the painting (pain in the neck) site today.  I really didn’t mind too much because I don’t  usually have to drive that far now days but it did make me think of this pic I snapped with my phone the other night while Dan and I were out.  Do you think this gas station has no clue or do you think they did this on purpose? 


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