A hard day’s day.

Whoa baby-this day has been a complete disaster so far.  I was scheduled to open at Starbucks today, that’s a 4:30 AM start time which is difficult to do when you are still in bed at 5:50AM.  OH MY GOSH!  I have no idea what happended to the alarm because it wasn’t one of those, “I set it for PM on accident moments.”  Really, truly, I think God needed me to sleep but needless to say I was an hour and a half late for my four hour shift.  Blech!  So Starbucks was all busy like it always is and I didn’t get my 10 minute break and the stinking drive thru printer wasn’t working right so what was only 4 hours total felt like 4 days.  I couldn’t wait to be done and catch my breath.  I was so sad I was late too because I love opening when I get to set up the pastry case.  It makes me feel all Wayne Thiebaud like.  I know, I’m a dork but he was one of my favorite arists to teach about when I taught middle school art.   

When I got off my shift, I checked my voicemail and I had a message from my boss at the school I worked at last spring.  He was all like, “Um, Jen, where are you?”  Those are always lovely voicemails to receive.  I called him back and asked him where I was supposed to be and apparently my email address never got added to the big list so I didn’t receive the ever-so-important email telling me all the details about when we were starting our back to school training (TODAY, apparently) and that school starts next Thursday.  I kind of freaked out and told him I had to call him back all the while thinking to myself–“what day is this and why am I not a part of it??”

So, an important detail is that since I last talked to my boss at the school, I tried to get more info about our start date and the salary.  I hadn’t heard a word yet and, in the meantime, I made the big decision not to return to the school because I am going to go part time with Fresh Paint and sub on the off days.  It was a big choice but I felt like I really needed to follow my heart and while I loved working with the special needs kids, I think God has designed me to be more of an artist and just a teacher type on the side.  So, the big conversation with my boss hadn’t happened yet until I called him back a few minutes ago.  He was very gracious and I am excited to be a filler sub when they need me but I’m also excited to have some clear plans for the future (and they involve a more flexible schedule, better pay, and, of course, ART!) So yea…..all that and it’s not even noon yet.  What a day. 

In other news, I just visited one of my most favorite blogs www.howaboutorange.com and it turns out that Jessica has done some designs for ribbons.  So if any one wants to buy me some of this, I will love you forever and ever. 

I love her fabric designs too and someday (in the distant future) when we have some kiddos I will probably need some of her cute fabrics for my nursery. 

Ok, I better get a move on.  Dan and I have big plans to take Quattro (and Copper too) out for a swim this afternoon.  I’m also going to try to pack in some flea market browsing while I’m in Longmont.  It’s good for my soul. 

Later, later!  Jen


One response

  1. Jen

    Whoo hooo…thanks Aunt Robin for my very own Jessica Jones dachshund ribbon! So fun.

    August 29, 2008 at 11:47 p

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