7 Days of Life

What a week!

This time last week, Dan and I were getting ready to head to the mountains for a weekend full of friends and skiing. On Saturday, a group of Jacob’s Well people met us at Copper for a day of fun.  How cool is it that we can have a day of skiing with people from church and only have to drive about 2 hours!

Jacobs Well Ski Day

On Sunday, Dan and I decided to try our luck at Beaver Creek.  The motto at BC is:  “Not exactly roughing it.  I would have to agree with them to a certain extent, however, I would also have to say that this was one of the most odd ski days I have ever experienced.  One things that made it so odd was that the entire upper mountain was completely drenched with a fog so thick you couldn’t see anything.  At some points, I could hear Dan in front of me but I couldn’t actually see him because the fog was so thick!  Another odd factor was that in addition to the fog, we also experienced rain, pelting sleet, and broken lifts.  In 12 years of skiing, I have never been stuck on a chair lift for more than 5 minutes.  On this day, Dan and I got to hang out (literally) on a lift for over 20 minutes while a mechanic came to fix it.  I thought it was so fun but Dan was pretty frustrated since we were only one chair away from the unload zone.  When we finally got off, ski patrol gave a free hot chocolate ticket for our troubles.  Dan thought lunch would have been nicer but we’ll take what we can get. 








 What a good weekend.

On Monday, it was back to work.  I had a really rough day with a few 7th grade boys.  Students with autism are hard to work with sometimes.  Then when I got home, I got to watch Dan on Fox News for a story they did on Habitat for Humanity.   The Headline Read: “Copper Thieves Hitting Habitat for Humanity House”  Watch the entire news story HERE.

On Tuesday we got to go to our small group.  We are part of a new small group at Jacob’s Well with 2-3 other fabulous couples.  Good times are sure to follow as we set out on our adventure reading “Irresistible Revolution” by Shane Claiborne.  I hear it is a very challengening story about the author’s accounts of following Mother Teresa for a few months.  I’ll keep you posted.

On Wednesday (V-DAY!), I officially became the coolest art teacher ever when I had all of my classes create a color wheel made completely out of frosting and graham crackers. 

color-wheel.jpg  Oh yeah…I’m cool!

Then, when I got home from school Dan and I went to the Broker Inn in Boulder.  I had my first taste of Baked Gnocchi-I’m a fan.  And speaking of being a fan…from the Broker Inn, we drove to the University of Colorado campus at Boulder to see the CU vs. KU game.  GO JAYHAWKS!  The game was so much fun because when they say that Boulder is the Lawrence of the West, they aren’t kidding.  Eventhough there were  some CU fans, I would say that the arena was filled with twice as many KU fans. We had great seats  only 9 rows back on the KU bench side and we had a blast watching the Jayhawks smoke those Buffs!  Rock Chalk Jayhawk–GO KU.






On Thursday, I had to go to a boring after school meeting and then I went out for coffee with my art teacher friend Tambrie.  We sat at Starbucks sharing stories  and talking about life as an art teacher and life as a Christian girl.  I really like that Tambrie–we could just talk for hours. 


Today, Friday, I overslept until 7:25 instead of 6:35.  I figure the extra 50 minutes of sleep was a gift from God as a reward for making it through this week of busy days.  My day at school was busy…printmaking, one-point perspective, vocabulary crosswords, paper mache, and painting…just another typical day in the life of a middle school art teacher.  

Dan and I were supposed to go to a big anniversary party for our church tonight but due to high winds (and I do mean HIGH winds!) Dan couldn’t get back from skiing at Vail in time  since they closed the road at Vail Pass.  Oh well…I guess it gave me time to pour over this website that I am sure 10’s of 100’s of people anxiously check daily. 

Ok, I’m out…




And when the day was over, we skiied to the bottom and were greeted by Beaver Creek staff wearing white chef’s hats serving warm chocolate chip cookies–yum.  Can you say, OTIS SPUNKMEYER?


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