Who’s Earl Grey Anyway?

I’m sitting here on a Monday night drinking some Earl Grey (my dad’s personal favorite) feeling pretty good about life.  Do you ever have those nights when you feel like there is just too much to handle in life?  That, even if you wanted to handle things well…you couldn’t begin to know how.  I had that feeling last night.  Then this morning, I woke up and felt better.  This seems to happen to me every now and then.  Sleep cures my insecurities.  So today, I went about my business and when I got home from “my business” I watched a cheesy girl movie by myself in the dark.  I hate to admit this but I kind of think that cheesy girl movies should be a part of my regular routine.  Dan hates them because he says they aren’t realistic.  “Precisely!” is what I say!  I want something that is so far from reality (without being fantasy—gag me!) that I can feel really good about my reality.  Don’t get me wrong, my reality is never very bad and, in most cases, my life is actually really great.  However, it’s those moments when I’m out of reality that I feel even better about my life.  It’s funny how that works. 

So, as I sit here back in my reality with my Earl Grey I am suddenly full of ambition and drive.  At NorthValley, my morning school, I had to come up with a list of personal and professional goals.  Throughout the year I have to compile “artifacts” to prove and show progress on my goals.  I will have to present these artifacts in May.  Below is my list. 

Jennifer Northcraft

North ValleyMiddle School
September 11, 2006 

2006 – 2007 Personal Professional Goals 

1. Content Area

  •  Learn to use a kiln to fire clay
  • Incorporate more cultural aspects in lessons 

2. Professional Development

  • Attend Fall Art Conference Colorado
  • Attend “Love and Logic” Conference 

3. Community

  • Attend sporting events
  •  Display art at community and school library 

4. Technology

  • Use Averkey to display examples from computer to TV 

5. Career

  •  Research programs for Masters Degree 

6. Social

  • Go skiing with new friends and perfect my powder technique
  • Get involved with a small group at church
  •  Go to Cheyenne, Wyoming

And while I would love to say that I have checked off a lot of these goals, I haven’t.  I have actually only done one of them.   However, with all of this ambition and drive welling up in me, I am confident that more checks will be on the way.  Wish me luck.   


One response

  1. Jen

    I’m happy to say that I actually completed all but two of those items during that year. I never made it to Cheyenne (and I still haven’t been to Wyoming). I also quit my teaching job and don’t have a big plan to return to any art teaching jobs soon so I saved myself a whole lot of time and money on the master’s program thing. way to go me!

    August 15, 2008 at 9:35 p

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