Superiority Complex

Hello Readers,

 I just wanted to take this time to share some interesting insights I have discovered over the last week or so.  Let’s just say, it’s been a long week and it’s only Wednesday. 

First of all, since I despise doing laundry and only wash clothes when the laundry bag gets too full and I have run out of all my favorite underwear, I wash everything possible so I don’t have to do it again anytime soon.  On Saturday, when I got home from hanging artwork at school, I decided to do a “darks” load.  I looked at the pants I was currently wearing and realized that they were indeed darks and needed to be washed.  While standing in the laundry room, I took off my pants and put them directly into the washing machine.  After finding a new pair of clean pants and after some time had passed, I remembered my now clean load of “darks” and proceeded to put them into the dryer.  After a few moments passed, I heard a strange clanking sound in the dryer full of my clean pants.  Hmm….why would soft clothes be making such a thumping sound?  Being the smart girl that I am, I decided to check it out.  And what to my wondering eyes do appear???  But a mininature IPOD, my nano to be exact.  See…..turns out when you go to school for the afternoon to hang artwork and you want to listen to your music on your IPOD and you use your new cool IPOD case and you clip it to your “dark” pant’s beltloop and then you take your pants off to wash them, you might want to remember to take your IPOD off the beltloop.  Small detail.  Something tells me that a watery display window is not actually one of the cool features IPOD currently offers.  However, I really think I might be on to something???   I know what you guys are thinking now, wow Jen, it’s sad that you only got to enjoy your IPOD for two month.  Ahhh….not so, my friends.  It turns out that if you want your laundry fresh IPOD to continue to play tunes for you after you wash it with your darks, all you have to do is let it sit for a few days.  Then, you can charge it and let it play on!  It’s true.  I learned this trick from my handy cell phone after dropping it in a full cup of water once.   Way to go technology!

 So, that was Saturday.  On Sunday, I decided to try my luck at navigating through the many suburbs of northeast Colorado.  Note to self, when driving to new places, put down the cell phone and read the signs.  In any case, I am always up for a new adventure.  So, on Sunday afternoon, I set out for my most favorite place to go, COSTCO!  I had been to the Westminster Costco but I wanted to try my luck at the Superior location.  I began driving and gave my good friend Kerry a call while seeking my destination.  I saw a sign for the toll road I was looking for and I took the next exit, only to find myself in Lafayette, not Superior.  I quickly decided I would need to consult a map and I told Kerry I should probably let her go for now.  I got off the phone with her and quickly found the road I needed to take to get to my great Costco.  Moments later, I realized I hadn’t informed Kerry of my funny IPOD dilema so I decided to call her back.  Upon choosing Kerry’s number in my cell phone book, I listened as the phone rang and rang.  I thought, “hmm, that’s weird.  I just talked to her.  Why is it taking so long for her to pick up?”  On the fourth ring, a voice answered, “Hello?”  “Um, hello?” I said Trying to figure out how Kerry’s voice suddenly became a few octives lower.  I said, “Kerry?”  and the voice responded, Yeah??  Wow, this is weird.  The person I called is named Kerry but it sure doesn’t sound like her.  At this point, I quickly glanced down at my phone only to realize the person on the other end is in fact someone I know but, it’s not K-E-R-R-Y, it’s K-E-R-I.  Wow….so, now what do I do?  Keri and I hadn’t spoken since before her wedding this past April.  Let’s just say, we weren’t on the most friendliest of terms.  So here I am, driving down random roads looking for Costco and I am now faced with the dilema, do I play it off cool with Keri just pretending that I totally meant to call her and act all friendly like?  Or, do I fess up and tell her that I am an idiot and meant to call my other friend?  Well, I think you all know me well enough to know that I fessed up and told her my funny story.  We proceeded to talk and all was well except that I was now sitting in the parking lot of a Burger King totally clueless as to how to get to the Costco in Superior, especially since I was now in Broomfield!  Never fear, friends because just across the street I found a DSW and I went in and shopped for some shoes.  Yeah!  I found some cool brown shoes for school and the nice ladies who worked there told me how to get to Costco (which at this point was about to close in 20 minutes!).  Meanwhile, I called my friend KERRY back to tell her about my IPOD story and my new story involving the other Keri.  I made it to Costco in time which was next to TJMaxx, which was next to Michaels, which was next to Target (did I mention that the Superior Costco really is SUPERIOR??).  Three and a half hours later, I arrived back home and needless to say Dan couldn’t figure out what had taken so long.  Little did he know!

So that was Sunday.  On Tuesday, I drove to my morning school for my classes and then I drove to my afternoon school and finished my day.  After school, I drove back to my morning school for parent teacher conferences.  3:30-7pm is a long time after you have already been at school since 7:15 in the morning.  In any case, when 7pm finally rolled around, I was tired and looking forward to being home for the night!  On my way home, I gave my nice mom a call to pass the time.  I was on my usual route, HWY 85 to HWY 66, Left on Rd. 13.  Meanwhile, I’m chatting it up with my mom when all of the sudden I realize that I am no long accelerating, eventhough I am pushing the gas pedal.  In fact, I am actually decelerating.  How is this possible???  Well, folks, you guessed it. I was out of gas.  Totally and completely out of gas.  No power steering….all the bells and whistles going off letting me know that I am an idiot!  And at the same time, I am still talking to my mom and I realize that I don’t want her to panic that I have just run out of gas.  I quickly told her that I forgot to ask Dan something so I’ll have to let her go.  I called Dan, my knight in shining armor, and told him that I needed him to come make my car happy again.  Apparenly all of my adventures to the Superior Costco had left my car a little more empty than I had realized.  I could see the glow of the King Sooper gas station in the distance.  I had almost made it but instead,  I managed to pull off on a dirt road near some friendly cows.  I called my mom back and told her my new funny story, in addition to all the others that seem to be coming my way lately.  Dan came and gave me some gas and I finally got home an hour later.  Wow….maybe I should just stay home tomorrow and listen to my IPOD, or do laundry, or go to Costco? 

On the plus side, it’s supposed to snow tonight for the third time this month and it’s only October.  I like Colorado.  It snows before Halloween!


2 responses

  1. Aunt Robin

    for a minute there, I thought this was my daughter …..I’ve NEVER heard you talk so much !
    I was cracking up !

    November 3, 2006 at 8:59 p

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